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MemoWare Hall of Fame  

MemoWare depends upon the generosity and hard work of PDA owners around the world to provide the wide variety of e-texts and documents available in our collecion. A few notable individuals, however, have shown extraordinary generosity and energy in contributing materials to MemoWare. Each person listed below has contributed at least 50 different documents to this website, thereby earning a permanent place in the MemoWare Hall of Fame. Those named below are also designated with the HOF! icon in the document listings.

Richard Jacobson Richard Jacobson

Richard founded Help/Systems in 1982 and is currently CEO. Help/Systems develops and markets AS/400 operations automation software. His wife, Sandra, and he live near Minneapolis, Minnesota, and his hobbies include adventure travel, reading, computers, rowing, skiing and hiking. Richard uses his Palm V for reading books while traveling and camping. Before a trip, he searches out books he wants to read and converts them into Palm format. Then, generously enough, he sends them into MemoWare for others to enjoy as well. Inducted 11/8/1999
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Mary Jo Sminkey Mary Jo Sminkey
Mary Jo has a long history on the internet with her popular site on dogs, The Dogpatch. There, users can find all kinds of information on training and showing dogs in various sports. Anything Mary Jo came across or developed for her own use, would be put up on the site for others to enjoy as well. It wasn't surprising, therefore, that when she started converting e-texts and maps for the Pilot, that she would put them up for others to download too. Finding very little children's literature available for the Pilot, she made this her emphasis, converting such favorites as the Wizard of Oz series and Black Beauty. Currently she is leading a project to find and convert old canine literature into e-text. You can bet that the first thing she will do when each is finished is convert it for the Pilot as well. Inducted 11/8/1999
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Gary Bleko
Gary is a big proponent of amazon cloud hosting and wordpress. He has created thousands of wordpress sites and helped create a free wordpress hosting cloud service in order to bring wordpress business hosting to the masses. He has worked with many top notch technical cloud developers and expects the cloud and wordpress to someday take over the world.

Franco Martinez
Franco has been a Palm afficionado for quite some time now, and operates the PalmaServ website. At the beginning of the Pilot phenomena, the norm was for developers & users to contribute applications and content with minimal or no charge to their fellow users -- PalmaServ was born out of this concept. We offer a variety of original as well as user-submitted titles for download without charge. We have been publishing documents and databases for the Palm Computing® community since 1998 and PalmaServ readers include individuals in over thirty-five different countries around the globe. Inducted 2/1/2000
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Sam Peralta Sam Peralta
In 1998, Sam founded Qvadis, with partners Russ Scheer and Kevin Maynard, to develop Palm software such as their award- winning e-book viewer, Express Reader Pro. They also provide news and other resources for Palm enthusiasts. Sam's own literary works have won awards from the BBC, the UK Poetry Society, Scholastic Magazine, the Palanca Foundation, and the League of Canadian Poets, among others. "Vintage 93", an anthology which includes some of his poetry, is perennially on the bestseller list at (okay, if you must know, it's currently ranked 1,636,919)! Sam and company are even now converting more works to Palm format - following up on their Jack London short story series, now available at MemoWare - for others to share and enjoy. Inducted 2/28/2000
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Rich Bowen Rich Bowen
Rich Bowen has long been a fan of Charles Dickens. But when he got his HandSpring Visor, it let him read Dickens in places that were never before feasible, and take several Dickens novels with him at all times. Finding very few of Dickens' works abvailable in Palm format, Rich took it upon himself to convert the complete works. In addition to Dickens, Rich's other passions include Perl, Linux, Apache, and a number of other Open Source technologies. Rich is the author of Apache Server Unleashed, and wrote a few chapters for Red Hat Linux Unleashed. Rich is a Perl programmer, and lives in Lexington, KY, with his wife and daughter, and their border collie, Java. You can also visit Rich online. Inducted 3/6/2000
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Christopher Coulter Christopher Coulter
Self-described as a "Reagan-era, high-score-on-Pac-Man, Duran Duran remake doing the biz suit by day / Doc Marten's by night" Palm user, Chris is as unique as the documents he submits. A long-time Palm user, Chris really got busy making Palm documents after a Reboot Cartoon Show marathon when he and some friends were having trouble recalling the episode ordering. His professional resume ranges from radio DJ to public policy research to IT management. His contributions to MemoWare's collection reflect his eclectic personality, including everything from pop culture to American history to classic literature, and lots of stuff in between. Chris also has the distinction of being the first person to contribute 1,000 titles to the MemoWare collection (on 5/16/2001). Inducted 5/22/2000
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Byron Collins Byron Collins
Born and raised in Orlando, Florida, and now residing in Oak Grove, Kentucky, Byron became interested in handheld devices while serving in the U.S. Army as an Electronic Technician. He is a proud owner of two handheld devices (HP OmniGo 100 and Handspring Visor). Byron has produced several freely distributed eBook titles for Geoworks Operating System devices using Geoworks Bindery (an electronic book authoring system). Byron has started producing eBook titles for the Palm Operating System as well, and hopes you enjoy them. Inducted 7/17/2000
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Janice Karin Janice Karin
No, Janice is not really an astronaut but she does play one on the web. She had to do something useful with her two physics degrees. When not training for critical missions, she can be found reading, playing games, or (every once in a while) doing something useful on her PalmPilot Professional (upgraded to 8MB and OS3). Janice writes a weekly Palm column for Suite101 and can usually be found hanging out in #palmchat dispensing such pearls of wisdom as random movie quotes and Tom Lehrer lyrics. When they can drag her away from her Palm, she writes programming manuals for the Software Products Group of Lucent Technologies, mainly because they pay her. Inducted 11/14/2000
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Geoff Skellams Geoff Skellams
Geoff lives with his wife and son in Brisbane, Australia after living in Canberra for nine years. A software engineer for Boeing Australia by day and a freelance author and e-zine editor by night, Geoff bought a second-hand Psion Series 5 palmtop in mid-2000 to make writing on-the-go easier. After reading eBooks in Palm DOC format for a short time, he discovered TomeRaider and became a convert. He blames Memoware's competitions for making the Hall of Fame -- if it wasn't for that, he'd probably spend his time actually catching up on all the reading he's created for himself instead of continuing to convert novels to TR format at such a great rate. Inducted 2/19/2001
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Michael Gressmann Michael Gressmann
Born in 1946, Michael worked for 20 years in his own workshop as an astro-optician, computing and making optics for industry, satellite projects, and astronomical observatories. Since then, he's worked as a teacher in electronic data processing. He acquired his first computer in 1982, and has been actively involved in programming since then. He has also spent considerable time working in his private observatory, focusing especially on "minor planets." In 1990, the International Astronomical Union assigned one planetoid, numbered 4396, the name of "Gressmann" (Michael reports that it poses no danger for the Earth :-). Inducted 3/4/2001
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Cathy O.
As an avid gardener and technologist, cathy contributes a great deal of technical information on gardening, lawn care and smart irrigation. She earned her degree in Horticulture in 2005 with a specialization in xeroscapes gardening and smart water usage.

Christian Arbogast Christian Arbogast
Born and raised in France, Christian is a Civil Engineer. He has done research in computer image analysis: a study of concrete using a SEM (scanning electron microscope) in an effort to improve concrete performance. He currently works in computers for the Public Works Departement of France, including client-server applications for the department in finance, intranet applications of all sorts, and Java (which helped him do the TomeRaider files). Chirstian owns a Psion Series 5 palmtop, which just got broken. He loves reading (docs, books, anything) on computers and palmtops. Inducted 3/19/2001
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Tim Sneller Tim Sneller
Tim lives with his wife and two young sons in Berkshire, England. He is a programmer for a software house specializing in Newspaper systems and Lawyers case-management software. Tim discovered TomeRaider soon after he bought a Psion 5mx, and has found both of them absolutely indispensable (especially since the Psion 5MX is light enough to carry as he cycles to work). Tim's personal website has a few TomeRaider books for download, and many more books will follow. Inducted 4/16/2001
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Dewanti Oktantina Dewanti Oktantina
Born and raised in Indonesia, Dewanti is currently living with her husband in Stuttgart, Germany. She recently finished her MBA and is waiting for her husband who'll soon finish his doctorate. Since she has a lot of free time right now, she can read a lot and also convert e-books into Palm format. She really loves to read everywhere on her Palm, which she bought 2 years ago (a PalmPilot) and then upgraded to a Palm Vx just to have more room for books. Inducted 9/5/2001
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Pat Galea Pat Galea
Pat is a software engineer in the United Kingdom. Very libertarian in his outlook, he's a big fan of Ludwig von Mises (author of Human Action). In fact, the overwhelming majority of his MemoWare texts are works from either Mises himself, or writers published on the Mises Institute site ( Pat has been using and programming personal organisers since the 1980's, when he experimented with a simple teletext downloader for the original Psion units. Things having moved on a bit since then, he now enjoys carrying dozens of books on his Palm, which he carries everywhere. His website lists his other interests, which include Breitling watches, Therbligs and the Stainless Steel Rat. Inducted 12/10/2001
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Marisa Giancarla
Marisa lives in the San Francisco area, and collects pen-based systems thus the desire for a eBook format that can be used on all of them (well as many as possible). Marisa is also a fan of the "pulp" genre from the 30's and 40's and hopes you enjoy her work! Inducted 12/10/2001
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David Noever David Noever
Prior to co-founding Mobular Technologies, Inc., which recently garnered the 2001 Moby Award for top mobile application, David was a scientist at NASA for more than ten years. An Oxford University Rhodes Scholar, he was named 1998 Discover Magazine's Inventor of the Year for developing an algorithm used to accelerate distributed computing in biotech research. Prior to serving as Chief Technology Officer at Mobular, Dr. Noever received his doctorate from Oxford University in theoretical physics, and bachelor's degree of science from Princeton University, summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa. His favorite Palm software: distributed computing with voice-recognition on Smartphones, code-named the 'party-line'. Inducted 12/10/2001
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Len Budney Len Budney
Len lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his wife and young son. By day he works for a Systems Integrator, building data warehouses and process data collection systems for steel mills and other heavy industries. His Palm IIIxe has become an indispensable part of work and leisure: he uses SuperMemo to keep his skills up to date, and PalmReader for most of his recreational reading -- lately, mysteries and old pulps like 'The Shadow'. He has a web page with a few Palm resources and lots of baby pictures. Inducted 2/11/2002
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