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MemoWare Help - Other Handheld Devices  

This page covers Apple Newton, HP Palmtop, TI Avigo, Windows CE 2.0, VTech Helio, Sharp Zaurus, Olivetti daVinci, Agenda VR3, and Franklin eBookMan PDAs, and the Nokia 9-series Smartphone/Communicator

If you have a PDA or handheld device other than a Palm, EPOC, or Pocket PC, you can still enjoy many of the files in MemoWare's collection. You will need some specific programs to read these documents, and this page lists all that we are aware of. If you know of any that we've missed, please let us know. Thanks.

Apple Newton
Newton owners can view DOC format text files and ImageViewer graphic files by using the Newt's Cape shareware web browser/book creation tool, along with Steve Weyer's PilotDoc plugin. Users can download .PRC and .PDB files directly from the web (or .ZIP files via, or access Inbox file attachments via SimpleMail or EETransfer (desktop serial transfer). The Doc file can be saved as a permanent Newton book package or as a NewtonWorks document.

HP Palmtops
DocRead is a DOC reader for HP 200LX palmtops.

TI Avigo
TI Avigo owners can view DOC format files by using the latest version of Chris Black's AvigoDoc application, which accommodates DOC-format .prc and .pdb files. AvigoDoc can be downloaded from AvigoPortal.

Windows CE 2.0
Windows CE users are able to enjoy DOC files using these applications:

  • MobiPocket reader, which also offers a DOC publisher program as well.
  • BookViewer - accommodates DOC format files for certain WinCE devices.
  • PeekABook - A DOC & text reader for all the various flavors of WinCE.
  • StarBuck - from ThumbsUp Software, it handles DOC, ASCII text, HTML, and bReady.

VTech Helio
Helio owners can use DOC files found here at MemoWare. To do so, DOC (.PDB) files must be converted into Helio-friendly .HDB files. The converter to do this is free and can be found at the VTech Helio website -- just click on the "O2 Downloads" link and scroll down to find the "PDB to HDB converter" utility. This conversion only works with plain DOC files, not other formats (even if the filename ends in .pdb).

Sharp Zaurus
Owners of the Sharp Zaurus (the one that runs Qtopia on top of Linux) can use DOC files found here at MemoWare. To do so, DOC (.PDB) files must be read using QTReader. Support is offered either directly via e-mail or via in the Downloads...Qtopia...qtreader topic. It works on all Zaurus SL5500 devices and on those Compaq Ipaqs that have Opie installed on top of Linux.

Olivetti daVinci
Olivetti daVinci owners can use DOC files found here at MemoWare. There are DOC readers for the daVinci, and these can be found at either the first Dutch daVinci homepage or at Capitalware's daVinci page.

Agenda VR3
Agenda VR3 owners can use DOC files found here at MemoWare. The DOC reader for the Linux-powered VR3 can be found at the TWReader page.

Franklin eBookMan
eBookMan users can use DOC files found here at MemoWare. The eBookMan can read DOC-formatted .pdb files using the built-in reader program. More info can be found at the Franklin website.

Nokia 9-series Smartphone
Owners of Nokia 9000-9111 series mobile phones can use these programs:

  • jBookReader - it reads Text, HTML, and OEB-formatted e-books (of course, there aren't any OEB-formatted e-books right now, but that may change one day).
  • eBook Reader - for the new Nokia 9210 Communicator, supports Palm DOC format.
  • MobiPocket - reads DOC and MobiPocket-formatted documents.

Owners of Symbian-powered Nokia Communicator 9200-series devices can use Simon Quinn's EBook reader program to read documents in PalmOS DOC format, TCR format, regular text documents (i.e. ".txt" files, which most word processors can create) and for simple HTML viewing.


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