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MemoWare Help - Contributing and Updating Files  
Contributing Files

If you have a PDA-compatible document you'd like to contribute to MemoWare and share with millions of other PDA users, please follow these easy steps:

  1. Make sure that the item isn't already in MemoWare's collection. Search for it if you aren't sure. When you submit your contribution the MemoWare search engine may find similar titles and request to add your file to one of those titles instead.

  2. Make sure that the item adheres to US copyright laws. If you are unsure whether or not it does, you can scan over these brief guidelines, you can read up on US copyrights, or you can contact us about the document.

  3. Then, fill out the contribution form and upload your contribution. You must be a My MemoWare member to upload a contribution so you may be asked to register before contributing. Once your contribution is submitted it will be reviewed and posted with one working day. If the contribution is rejected then you will be notified by email.

*Note - your contact information is required to sign up for a My MemoWare account and contribute files but you will still have the opportunity to contribute files "anonymously". MemoWare will know who contributed the files (so we can contact you for questions, etc..) but the public will not see the contributor information.

Quick copyright checklist:

Your document is probably OK to submit to MemoWare's library if:

  • YOU created it from scratch, OR
  • The original is in the public domain -- that is, someone else wrote it, but the author has been dead for more than 50 years (75 years in some countries), OR
  • Someone else wrote it, but they (or their representative) gave you permission to convert it into PalmOS-compatible format

If in doubt, and you want to be sure that you aren't in violation of copyright law, read up on US copyrights in these PalmOS-compatible documents from MemoWare's collection.


Updating Files

You can now update your own file contributions on MemoWare. Simply login to your My MemoWare account and view the file details of your contributions. Select the "Update this File" link and you'll be prompted to upload a new file and update the file notes description. The updated file will be available on the MemoWare archive immediately.

Please note that you must be logged into your My MemoWare account for the update link on the file details page to be visible.


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