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NANDA Nursing Diagnosis Guide
Author:  Rebecca J. Kline             Category:  Medicine   

  Here is a copy of 170 NANDA approved nursing diagnoses, NIC interventions, NOC outcomes, suggested outcomes and interventions. At the time of this writing, it was a complete list of NANDA diagnoses (more may have been added since the publishing of the book I used for reference), however it contains only as many interventions as the program would allow me to type into it. Therefore, when you see '....', it means that it is continued elsewhere (you can email me if you want to know WHERE).As a nursing student in the RN program at the local community college, I was really searching hard for a program or book on Palm for nursing diagnoses, interventions, and outcomes. When I coulded find any, I decided to make my own database. My sincere apologies for any typos, usually it is pretty easy to figure out what the word should be. I would appreciate an email about any significant problems with this database. Please email and put NANDA Dx guide.pdb in the subject line (or if you just want to comment on the database itself, I will welcome any input, questions or suggestions). Thank you and best of luck to any other nursing students out there.

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