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Ultimate Anesthesia Quick Reference
Author:  McClure K. Jones, M.D.             Category:  Medicine   


Pocket Anesthesia Reference

Contains lists, charts, checklists, guidelines, etc.

  • Respiratory Events and Treatments.
  • Cardiovascular Events and Treatments.
  • Metabolic, Electrolyte, and Hematologic Events and Treatments.
  • Neurologic Events and Treatments.
  • Subspecialty Anesthesia Reference: cardiac, vascular, pulmonary, obstetrics, pediatrics, regional, pain, coagulation, medications.

    Quick-tap hypertext links to related pages. Any page can be accessed through the Table of Contents or the Alphabetical Index.

    Check back for frequent updates.

    Please e-mail me with suggestions, corrections, or additions.

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    Contributor: McClure Jones
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    Platform: PPC,Palm    
    Language: English    
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    Last Updated: -0/9-/2008 Rating:
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    Added since March, 2006: Local Anesthetic Toxicity infusions.

    Added since July 25, 2004: Xigris, cocaine, additional bookmark links, improved alphabetical index, dibetes insipidus, colloid composition (albumin, dextran, hetastarch), and resuscitation goals.

    Added since August 31, 2004: transfusion guidelines, blood component testing, expanded vasoactive medications, arabic phrases, recombinant factor VIIa.

    Added since December 9, 2004: expanded hypertext links, improved formatting, correction of typographic errors.

    Added since July 5, 2005: TEG treatments; expanded benzodiazepines, NSAIDS, and antiemetics; tranexamic acid, AAA anesthetic.

    Added since March 8, 2006: Total Intravenous Anesthesia (TIVA).

    Added since March 25, 2008: Updated ACC/AHA cardiac evaluation guidelines for non-cardiac surgery, updated guidelines for preoperative considerations of patients post-PCI.

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