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Atkins carb counter
Author:  Atkins Nutritionals Inc. (             Category:  Food & Nutrition   

  This is the Atkins carb counter, freely available from for online viewing or for download in PDF format. This has been formatted slightly to make it easier to use in MobileDB, by adding a 'Category' field e.g. Alocohol, Baking, Beans, Cheese etc. just as the online view is displayed per category. This way you can view all records, filter by specific categories, or just search.

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 File Details
MobileDB    What's This?
Contributor: Allan Marillier
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File Type: Palm Database (.pdb)   Other Submissions  
Platform: PPC,Palm    
Language: English    
File Size: 37.8 KB    
Last Updated: -0/6-/2004 Rating:
Downloads 10215 Votes: 34
Notes: I sent an email to Akins telling them I had created this DB, asking if they would be interested in having a copy for their web page, as a PDF on a Palm ends up huge as it is converted to all graphic images. I also asked permission to make this file available here. Nothing negative yet, just a comment that they have passed it on to the relevant dept. and will contact me 'if they would like to make use of my services'. There is no info in the PDF prohibiting free sharing of this info, just an Atkins logo. The PDF file is located at  Rate It:   
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